The Bulletin Board

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The Bulletin Board

Post by Admin on Sat May 14, 2016 8:04 pm

As soon as you enter the Community Center, the first thing that you notice is the floor sized bill board pinned with dozens and dozens of notices. It's brightly colored and looks apparently disorganized. The leftmost strip of the board along the wall features a large calender, and under it, a cutesy section of local news. The news is written on a white board in very clean delicate writing, changed ever week or so. The calender has a ton of community events on it, a very deliberately written out in an organized fashion. Whatever class you're looking for, you can find it after a few seconds. Underneath those, there's a list of every day's activities with directions to rooms.

Closer inspection reveals that most of the bulletins are in date. The oldest ones, under the multicolored layer of missing pet posters and requests for band members, under the layer of yard sale notices and missed connections, are papers that are yellowing, faded from the sun. Still, there is some sense of order, even to the oldest ones.

The bottom of the board lets everyone know that the community notice board is maintained by Mia Piazzadelrigotoni, the Office Assistant to the Community Manager.

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