Week 0: Dodgeball Sessions.

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Week 0: Dodgeball Sessions.

Post by Sheherazade on Sat May 14, 2016 8:42 pm

*An A4 piece of paper has been posted on bulletin board. The writing at the top is almost painfully formal in layout and font, aside from an awkwardly positioned clip art of a red foam ball flying through the air.*

To all,

Dodgeball is an excellent form of exercise, training muscles and reflexes as well as being fantastic fun. As such, I would like to organise a pick up and play session on Tuesday evening at 5:00, ideally leading to regular weekly or forenightly sessions. To allow me to have some idea of numbers, please sign up below.
Sheherazade Anceladus, Dance Instructor"

The rest of the page is taken up with a blank table for people to add names*

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