Week 0: Openings In Group Talk

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Week 0: Openings In Group Talk

Post by Admin on Tue May 17, 2016 9:22 pm

The Pale Pink Poster wrote:
Group Talk
Depression and Low Mood Support Group

Do you feel low? Sad? Do you have depression? Join our free, weekly support group to meet up with people like you. Enjoy a supportive, mediated environment with free snacks every week. Places are open now.

Contact Assistant to the Community Manager Mia Piazzadelrigatoni for more info at (555) 668-3323, or here at the ABCC.

There is something compelling about this little picture. There's a clip art of a group of faceless people talking around a table in a circle, and another faceless person at the bottom with a question mark over their head. The whole thing has a "quickly made in Office" feel, and yet.. And yet.. Maybe it's the subtle blush of the paper, maybe it's the way it just flutters in the breeze when you look at it... Maybe it's the way your shadows falls when you pass it, umbral fingers reaching out while your arm stays at your side... Oh, and there's a picture of a cookie on the bottom, too. An afternoon program, and you could make it. You feel like you should. Yeah.

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