Community Center Layout

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Community Center Layout

Post by Admin on Thu May 12, 2016 8:33 pm

The Augur Bay community Center is between the neighboring residential 'boroughs' of Swoop and Fell, a true gem in the working city. A low and older building of red wood and dark windows, with the sharp ship-like architecture of community buildings everywhere. It shares its borders with Trewaps Grounds, the local playing fields and park. Sometimes the fields are used by the center to have BBQs and festivals. There is ample parking.

Inside it has a large if slightly irregularly sized pool, hot tub, sauna, and shower facilities. There's a gym, a large hall with a stage, half a dozen meeting rooms, a kitchen and small first aid station. A dozen or so small rooms are maintained on the second floor for cheap, hostel-like accommodation. There's a child's playground in the back, as well as a very nice patio area. Reception is always staffed by volunteers (often teenagers building a resume) or ex-convicts or addicts working to get back into employment while being paid a small living wage. Dogs are welcome inside all but the meeting rooms and fitness spaces. The whole building is clean and well lit, but no one you've ever met remembers seeing the basement or loft space with their own eyes.

There are ALWAYS events happening. Weekly book clubs, cooking clubs, dancing lessons, swim clubs, AA meetings; there's a huge well of community support and affection in the ABCC. Part of this is due to the very vital and active nature of the community, but another is that the ABCC was endowed with a very impressive grant which is rumored to be in the millions. With financial security, the ABCC has worked hard to make a perfect meeting center.

The thing that catches most people's eye is the huge bulletin board that dominates one wall of the reception area. It advertises the weekly events, as well seems to be a city wide notice board for block parties, geometry tutoring, banding looking for drummers, writers groups and more. The top of the notice board instructs you to put up your own notices if you have them; a nice selection of brightly colored push pins has been shaped into a tree on one side of the board.

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