Community Center Class and Teacher List

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Community Center Class and Teacher List

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:37 pm

This is a list of NPCs and PCs mentioned who teach classes or work in the ABCC. If you teach a class,

Name: Mia Piazzadelrigatoni
Position: (Office) Assistant to the Community Manager
Description: Mia is a short, chubby Italian-American woman. Her wavy hair is always held back by a hair band. She is busy, soft-spoken, and doesn't seem to react to conflict well. She's always doing so many things, you've probably seen her. Arrangements to rent or hire rooms, run classes, or with membership issues are dealt with by Mia, generally with aggressive efficiency. Her room is near reception.

Name: Dave Nguyen
Position: Instructor of Tai Chi and Karate
Description: Dave is an older gentleman with graying hair. He's an AB local, born and bred, though he's well travelled and utterly self-possessed. He teaches classes for each martial art four times a week at a minimum, and is well liked. He's an excellent teacher, charming and calm. Several times a year he helps run a bake sale at the ABCC to raise money for the Children's Wing at the hospital. He makes a mean cherry-rhubarb pie.

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